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Dwimukti Graha Elektrindo is one of Indonesian electrical industry that dealing with lighting design especially in Office lighting, Garden lamp and Decorative lamp or Architectural lighting.


At Dwimukti Graha Elektrindo, support and service have always been key ingredients to our success, we have a many professional experienced sales personel to respond to client needs.


 Dwimukti Graha Elektrindo has assembled a dedicated R&D team of highly trained specialist in the technological of lighting fixtures, Based on our experience and innovative ideas of our R&D team, We then challenge our R&D team to design the most innovative products on the market. At Dwimukti Graha Elektrindo the ability to innovate is a concrete indication of our company's Vitality.


The continual development of new product at Dwimukti Graha Elektrindo is the result of several other combined influences as well - feedback from our sales force, customer and service department, product research, development and testing, and an analysis of cost effective production. In this way, we keeps price reasonable.


Dwimukti Graha Elektrindo manufacturing facility located in Alam Jaya - Tangerang is the one of Indonesian advanced for the production of lighting fixtures.

This unique manufacturing utility is a complete in-house operation meaning that all major parts are produced on-site, from sheet cut to finished product, insuring greater quality and faster concept to completion production. Fully automated production combined with highly skilled technicians to ensure that each and every piece is produced exactly the same 24 hours a day.


At Dwimukti Graha Elektrindo, quality is always the main priority. Quality checks for armature, component, assembling, as well as a light test of all armature is standard.

Dwimukti Graha Elektrindo today is one of the most significant and dynamic companies in the manufacture of light armature for general lighting application, office area, residential and commercial areas.


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